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Privacy Policy: Your -Your Data is protected and not used or sold for any commercial purposes, intentionally or unintentionally, by NKAAY HENNA BEAUTY SERVICES LTD, also known as Nkaay Henna Beauty Services. However, data may only be used, and this must be reviewed by the user and protected by third parties for cookies and tracking. Data may only be used by third parties that may need to deliver services on an appointment basis or when you purchase and by delivery. Nkaay Henna Beauty-Henna Services is not responsible for any third parties use of content or practices. By using our services, users consent to the terms and associated policies


Rights of confidentiality and disclosure will be protected at all times. Consent to henna designs of photography will be needed to publish on social - This consent will be deemed to be respected at all times - no face images will be recorded..

Nkaay Henna Beauty Henna Services Ltd. is not responsible for any damages or losses incurred whilst using our services, and users use them at their own risk.
WE includes consented parties and associates, as well as any third parties that conduct action to deliver services for and related to Nkaay Henna Beauty Services by consent given.
Services (UK) and locations agreed.
Travel expenses may be quoted prior to the appointment, and these may vary depending on the location.
Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the appointment; this appointment will then be rescheduled. Late arrivals at appointments will be charged at the end of the appointment at a rate of £1 per minute.
Your appointment for services will be the price as per the quote, otherwise as stated with prices online or as agreed.
Packages may be quoted and varied, which may mean you may not get the same package again in the future.
There is no refund policy for services or deposits. Once an appointment is booked, it can only be rescheduled.
Returns Policy:
This policy
We understand there may be circumstances where you may need to return an item to us. Our return policy is set out below. We will always process returns in accordance with this policy.
If you have any questions about making a return or about the contents of this policy, you can contact us using the contact details below:

If you are not happy with the way we deal with your return, you can raise a complaint. Please refer to our complaints policy for further details, which can be located at: EMAIL: BLOOMBLENDUK@GMAIL.COM
If you change your mind on any product, exclude services:
This section sets our policy with respect to 'change-of-mind' returns. Please refer to the section below in relation to faulty items.
Before dispatch
If you change your mind after you place an online order, you will have 48 hours after placing your order to cancel it. You can do this by:
If payment has not yet been taken, we will not charge you after you have cancelled your order. If payment has already been processed, a refund will be sent to your original payment method.
Changing your mind after dispatch
If you change your mind after you receive your item, you should notify us of this within 14 calendar days of receiving your item.
In order to return your item, you should:
1. Ensure that the item is still in the same condition that it was in when it was purchased, with all tags and packaging intact.
2. Notify us within 14 days that you would like to return the item by:
Email: info@nkaayhennabeauty,com
3. Once you have notified us of your return, you will receive an acknowledgement and instructions confirming how to return your item to us. Returns should be returned to us via ROYAL MAIL.
4. You must cover the postage and shipping costs of your return. You should purchase a shipping label from the above courier.
5. You must ensure that your item is returned to us within 7 calendar days of us acknowledging your return request.
Once we receive your returned item, we will conduct a quality check, and we will notify you of the outcome of this. If your item is returnable, your refund will be sent to your original payment method within 14 calendar days.
Please note that some items may be excluded from our change-of-mind returns policy. If this is the case, this fact will always be marked on the non-returnable products and made clear to you at the time of your purchase. Items that are non-returnable include:
Non-refundable include - Henna services booked via appointment and made full payment.
This section does not affect your statutory rights. If your item is faulty or unsatisfactory, please refer to the section below.
Returning a faulty item
The goods that you receive from us must be:
of a satisfactory quality;
fit for purpose, and
match any description, sample, or model by reference to which they were sold.
We really hope that you will not need to return a faulty item to us. If you do need to do so, you should follow the instructions in this section.
If you are returning a faulty item within 30 calendar days of receiving your goods, you can request a full refund from us.
If you are returning a faulty item after this period, you may request a repair or replacement from us in the first instance. If you are still not happy after a repair or replacement, you may be entitled to all or some of your money back, in accordance with your consumer rights.
How to return a faulty item
If your item is faulty, you should:
1. Notify us of the fault by:
Fill out the Contact Us Form or email: info@nkaayhennabeauty,com.
2. Once you have notified us of the fault, you will receive an acknowledgement and instructions confirming how to return your item to us.
3. We will cover the postage and shipping costs of your return. We will send you a shipping label for Royal Mail.
4. The courier will usually specify that the label should be used within a fixed period. You will be provided with instructions about this on the shipping label.
Once we receive your returned item, we will conduct a quality check, and we will notify you of the outcome. If you are entitled to a refund, this will be sent to your original payment method within 14 calendar days following the outcome of the quality check.
If you are entitled to a repair, replacement, or re-installation, we will usually arrange this within 28 calendar days following the outcome of the quality check.
The rights in this section exist separately from any warranty you may also have. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any applicable warranties.
Terms and Conditions:
Appointment basis only or as agreed upon via time date and location; offers and discounts may be included upon future appointments; offers and discounts may be applied automatically provided your return is again; or refer a family member or friend to NKAAY HENNA BEAUTY-Henna Services.
Offers and discounts may change and vary over time. Offers and discounts may not apply and can be withdrawn at any time.
Appointment, Meetings, and Payments
Please ensure you make an appointment by contacting us or making use of the online booking. The deposit is not refundable. Agreed instalment options will be agreed upon prior to services; this cannot later be withdrawn. Full payment must be made or completed during the agreement terms. Legal action may be presented if this is disputed and/or if anyone else falsely acts as an associate of NKAAY HENNA BEAUTY—Henna Services Ltd. without the permission and consent of NKAAY HENNA BEAUTY—Henna Beauty Services Ltd.
Legal requirements apply at all times.
If an illegal act is determined, it will be bound as implying to associate services by misrepresentation, copyright, and fraud by UK law and any countries that prohibit such practices and associated. This includes carrying out services without the consent of NKAAY HENNA BEAUTY SERVICES LTD.


Photography / Videos taken from our Professionals

Our Henna Artist(s) will confirm this with you verbally with consent and applied on any social platform. that is used by NKAAY HENNA BEAUTY - HENNA SERVICES LTD. 

Any other parties outside this agreement to use any Photography/ Videos on any other platforms is not deemed to be our responsibility.

Thank you for your support! 

Please subscribe to keep up with any updates of our services.


Payments and Health and Safety.
Please note that your payments are not refundable as this is a service provided in person, face-to-face or online, and membership and subscriptions are included in this definition of practice. This includes the application of henna/mehndi, henna tattoos, temporary tattoos, and any offers or discounts associated with the website. Any materials made of organic henna are made with caution, using practices of health and safety, through the use of handcrafted and safe materials in the house and by third parties and associates. Prices may vary over time. A refund is not accepted at all times, nor is there any compensation as a result of the purchase.


Public Liability & Insurance
Nkaay Henna Beauty-Henna Services Ltd. is fully insured for public liability for treatment and risk insurance in the UK. Please check your own insurance and countries as No legal responsibility will be held by NKAAY HENNA BEAUTY - Henna Services Ltd. should you partake in an appointment or products of any kind by Our Services, either online or by appointment via in-person or location. The customer, either by purchasing any product, including Henna and Henna Cones, via an online shop, by person, or by appointment, is solely responsible for carrying out a patch test within a 24-hour period prior to an appointment. There is no legal responsibility prior to and after services provided by Nkaay Henna Beauty. Henna Services Ltd. ensures all pre- and after-care instructions are provided. It is up to the client(s) or third party(s) to consent to follow such care during pre- and aftercare. Not following pre- and aftercare is not the responsibility of NKAAY HENNA BEAUTY, Henna Services Ltd., or its associates. Nkaay Henna Beauty-Henna Services Ltd. Third parties include WIX, Wix platforms, and any third parties and associates upon appointment and agreed services by consent. These terms and conditions take effect immediately. All rights are reserved by copyright law. Nkaay Henna Beauty and Henna Services Ltd. is based in the United Kingdom.
Age and Restrictions: A Henna can be applied upon consultation and patch test otherwise from ages  5+ and Adults: Anyone under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them as a parent or guardian with permission from the parent. This includes user registration and account creation.
Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1974: Compliant at all times.
Digital Item Policy: Please read all the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Return Policy, and Disclaimer if you agree to all these. You may agree to continue.

Affiliate Programme Policy

This is open to anyone referring a female friend to our services who has an initial interest in booking an appointment with our female henna professional artist.

This is subject to the following conditions:

You will be sent a coupon code to provide to females interested in booking an appointment with Nkaay Henna Beauty and Henna Service once you have joined or subscribed to our affiliate programme.

Anyone can join the affiliate programme.

Please note that residents booking an appointment should be situated in the United Kingdom.

We have every right to withdraw from the affiliate program should there be any discrepancy, fraud, or any form of criminal activity associated with the affiliate program.

Parties subject to the affiliate programme have a duty to exercise the safety of all parties involved.

What is involved?

The program would require you to sign up, subscribe, or join the affiliate program.

You will receive a unique coupon code for your female friend to use at the time of booking.

Please note that no refunds apply after booking an appointment, and the appointment must be completed before a pay out is sent to the affiliate program.

Pay outs will consist of and vary at times.

Pay outs will range from 1% to 25% starting January 23, 2024. This percentage may vary and may rise in the future.

When you receive an email with your coupon details, please reply back with only:

Name of the account holder as named on the bank card.

Sort Code

Account Number.


Pay outs are made via Visa Debit only.

This affiliate programme is only for Henna appointment bookings with Nkaay Henna Beauty - Henna Services Website and not elsewhere or any other platforms online;  

Whereby a professional henna artist will carry out henna services for your female friend in a safe location and environment. The Affiliate program is not subject to online learning. This may change in the future; keep your eyes peeled!
Bookings may be cancelled due to limited availability. Should this happen, please contact us. We may arrange a time and date where availability or cancellation is subjected to otherwise. We are not subject to any refunds or discounts should this occur prior to or after booking.
You will receive an email to confirm a pay out is sent to your account. Please allow up to 7 working days to process this.

Please allow up to 30 days after the initial henna appointment is completed to receive your pay out.

 A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address when you signed/ registered/ joined the Affiliate Program.

Please note that if parties have any allergies, they should consult their GP prior to booking. Nkaay Henna Beauty Services and the Professional Henna Artist will not be subject to liability for any public liability & insurance, as it is made clear that a duty of care and the best interest should be subjected to all parties involved.

Careers @NkaayHennaBeauty - Henna Services

Please Email:

With your CV

For opportunities to work with us.

We will review your application with suitable vacancies.

Please also advise your expectations.

Contact us: Nkaay Henna Beauty and Henna Services Ltd. 


Country: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom


These terms and conditions, PRIVACY POLICY, RETURNS POLICY, AND DISCLAIMER take immediate effect.


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