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Why are you here? Why am I?

So you are here and possibly thinking about what the purpose of everything is. That is what my mind is suggesting, lol.

Good Morning,

One wakes up, has no time for breakfast, and rushes to get ready to go to work or even school, college, or university.

A fast-paced schedule, a wheel to run around, to feed in to the lifestyle you want but really can't have.

Eager and roaring to go to the gym, loving life when you on that high of endorphins—amazing life—yes, that sounds like you.

We are all in this cycle, or, let's say, it is common because we have to.


Well, it can slow down one day, and then what will you do?

That is why I have provided the #henna #workshops #onlinelearning for those that want to have a pace where there is no rush, away from that fake life where you get back stabbed by people who are not true to your face.

I have been there. A good client said, I trust you to apply this henna."

I don't take words as a way to value me, but what I do is earn that trust through true actions.

I don't say it; I do it. What you say, I don't listen; only I do it. I have done it before you even said it.

You're wondering: how?

That, my friend, you will learn in time.

I genuinely take on feedback, from good to harsh to harsh to good.

I respect myself and my time. What I value the most are the people I surround myself with who are true to themselves.

Do I sound harsh?

Just like you, I need time to step away and heal. I do not need to justify your actions of hurt that may have been impacted by something else or elsewhere.

I am well aware you are human enough to fall short of making that harsh decision or infused to make your reality a friction that instead of seeking help, you lash out.

Patience is a virtue.

Tell you the truth, I only understood one part of that statement: 'PATIENCE'

but with happiness and excitement to rush into the world was another.

However, in the hustle and bustle of life, I learned that maybe time is not for me or anyone else.

Harnessing time for myself is the best moment of my life. I want the same achievement for you.

Yes, I AM.

It is now 06/01/2024, approx. 07.21. I have been up prior to this time. while the world and people sleep.

I thought to write a beautiful blog to speak my mind and to connect with likeminded people who value 'respect' not just saying but doing.

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