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Nkaay Henna Beauty

Have you faced trauma on your own? This could be as simple as walking outside and knocking on a lamp post! Sounds funny, right? It is more like slapstick comedy in that you make less of the pain, and then you shake your head and look around; no one saw that!! then you further trip, lol, and hit yourself back on the lamp post! I certainly would walk over to make you laugh and remind you that we are still here!

Background to what I do: my work involves looking after my clients, and yes, I am a very caring and funny person, and what is even more funny is that I attract people like me into my life!

Its like the law of attraction, only difference is I am embracing the publicity on Facebook.

Join me with laughter and hospitality. I look to hold sessions in a private location as that is convenient for me. I can practically reach for my own kettle!

If you are local, it's easier to commute, and you may like to travel; let me know in advance.

so you do not end up knocking on my door, and I am practically stuck somewhere in the making—involved or not there! I would not want that to happen to anyone, let alone face that experience, if it were the other way around!

I am not there with you now; rest assured, I hope this post makes a difference.

Kind Regards

Nkaay Henna Beauty


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