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About us - The Founder - Nkaay Henna Beauty Services shares = Love and Care as a Henna Artist...

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

A warm welcome to Nkaay Henna Beauty - Henna Services.

Thank you for joining us here and also choosing us for hire as your henna artist.

Henna Artist - Hi everyone, I wish you all well. My breakthrough of choosing to be a henna artist consists of My own life experiences, The work experiences, the people I have met in my life, the people I have lost in my life, yet still strive to make a difference by enabling people I encounter to feel appreciated, respected and valued with love and care. A sense of healing and sharing this opportunity and acheivement in small steps.

Also setting the 'invitation of allowing' the sense of enabling people to realise there worth and control of their lives in a very postive manner - that self care, that beauty that passion that motivation to look at there ownselves and say - i have got this even in times when i think we both dont but we are still striving.

Life Experience - May be we can relate, may be we wont, may be we can be happy, together everlasting community break through taboos, sterotypes, hate, crime, war, live a life of freedom under one roof in one peace.

I wake up and see the whole world in pieces. I am in pieces. I look around and no one is talking or smiling at each other, it is so rare, i might see someone smile back to make me feel better they are okay or atleast trying like me.

What has the world become.....

Work Experiences - Firstly, it really does not matter what background you come from. Its having that realisation that there is probably your own neighbour, like me, who is struggling to eat, sleep and look forward to life. My point is I can not work as i used to once upon a time, let alone tried and tried to work but for what? loose my health in the process? yes.

The People I have met who are no longer here -

I have realised that i have not been putting my self first. That does not mean I am selfish now. I have accepted that the reason that this has happend is to enable me to become the person i am today.

ABOUT ME - Why I chose to become a Henna Artist.

We have struggled apart in many ways. It only is acceptable to speak about our vulnerability when we are ready. I chose being a henna artist as it enabled me to break free and see the sense of freedom to the whole concept of what society molded me in to belive about me.

I realised that the choice of becoming a henna artist gave me a sense of allowing to be in control of my expression and enable to seek people around me to be in control of theres and their self care.

The beauty of design in every shape or inspiration the expression of passion to collaborate this in to henna art.

Being a Henna artist, lets me shine to be my own person, in my space of freedom and in my safe place to express art of how i like and how others around me like. To empower people around me and myself - that self love, that self care, that beauty that choice - i have got this even when at times i feel and notice i really dont.

I have found it difficult to express this in writing in my blog. I gave it a go because - Nkaay Henna Beauty - Henna Services - LETS me express the beauty of personality in the form of Art and Beauty. Yes it has its own personality, so you should.

Even though i have wrote all this in my blog, there still seems a whole load of space i may have missed to write all that i want to express.


  • Empower Henna and Henna Art in to society - the realisation it is for everyone, yet i feel comfortable to apply this with Females only. That is my choice, that is my safe space. This does not mean men do not like henna - ofcourse they do!

  • Flexible work - allowing to engage with the community when i have the strenght to do so, as long as i can, whilst i am alive as it enables us to realise our worth - being hardworking, understanding the meaning of appreciation and respect all around us, the communication less misunderstandings, the sense of self care, allowing space for people in the community to know each other and the talents we carry our skill set to empower to the fullest by allowing this function to bring out in others through Henna Art, that Fashion that beauty that trend because we chose the inspiration and made it our own. That sense of freedom and expression that choice through Henna art by valuing each others importance.

The break through of having space and freedom as a henna artist. Yes i am too sick of hearing, the taboos the diagnosis the time limits we have in life the miserable life of not seeing beauty within us or around us because we are made to feel we are a working machine. Henna is theraputic, it keeps that safe space of allowing to unwinde, have control, for own beauty, that moment of self care and fulfilment of peace and calmness.
  • I hope to acheive this beautiful henna journey as a henna artist to meet people, to reach out to those who are missing a part of their lives due to the hussle and bussle, to get a way to understand their importance through henna art, theraputic safe space. The time stops ticking whilst you are in your healing moments of peace and serenity whilst you see the beautiful art that we chose that day instils as a memory and then we try again, we instill more beautiful art in your next appointment! We talk we stay in silence, we have that moment of get away that peace, the tranquility the healing components of henna applied the aroma - finding that sense of worth within you from your henna appointment- Book now!

  • Being a henna artist and freestyling henna using henna cones may look easy when i apply this to you. Believe me, it requires alot of sense of self control of patience, it is hard work, just like a full time job but overtime in one sitting. Hence, why i have priced the work and varies and i iniatie discounts as much i can enable my self to reach you.

Yes! i will be inviting you or you can also book yourself in for a henna appointment! Unravel that time where you can achive a sense of empowerment that peace, serenity that beauty of henna art - fresh organic henna and its aroma from dark brown or organic jagua black henna and even white henna of your choice and design.

The designs and inspirations photographs are your choice to bring with you prior to your appointmet, the consultation allows me to get to know you - your peace and freedom. I then tailor this henna art for you,.

I have met many people in my previous lines of work. I have found that as a henna artist that shine of smile and peace and the sense of value that is communicated and shared across my clients - even the frustrated clients - yes it is normal to show this - even i have my moments - there is a beautiful personality that is roaring to come out its shell. I help you reach that and give you that control to find your inner peace through henna art.

We work together to make it happen - I love each client and i know they have the same respect and value for me. This journey has shaped me to let me shine my personality of love and care aswell as shine yours.

The funny truth- I have met people for appointments who have asked me if henna is a religious thing? LOL truth is HENNA is not. The trend of fashion for henna art has been even before you and i was born. I want to ensure the safety of henna and design meets us both to find and share its beauty from the uk to the whole world - together if we must!

Few facts - My friend you are reading this blog, and i am thinking you might be thinking from all critical view points of is this even allowed to be said but that is why I have shared my work of henna with you - Henna art has empowerd me and I want to make you understand you can have this too.

I started with a blank paper in front of me. I could not draw a single form of art. Becoming a Henna Artist allowed me to practice out my muscle memory in my mind and giving me the sense of freedom and control to allow me to design anything. This does not perfect me but shape me, being a Henna Artist allows me to choose inspire, educate and elavate empowerment through- henna, henna design, henna beauty and henna art.

I can have bad days and good days, i hope i have made sense in writing about what i would like to as oppose to want to express. Feel free to meet me via appointments by booking online as to hire a henna artist - Nkaay Henna Beauty - Henna Services.

Share the beauty of Henna, the henna design, the sense of freedom of Henna art to free you like it has done to me. Nkaay Henna Beauty - Henna Services

Thank you for reading this beautiful blog as you are the beautiful reader and inspiration of the human race, as we are. Furthermore, I welcome you to book your henna appointments even by which if you decide to for a quote; either by Phone, Text or via Whatsapp or leave Voicemail and by Email! :)

I will be happy that you reached out to me, it brings me a sense of joy that you love my henna work at present and you also allowing me to share the beauty of henna and its henna art respectfully acheiving design implementation together in our henna appointment for that peace and serenetiy which we crave for, by far from the fast paced evironment we live in.

Henna and its theraputic components - organic ingredients -allows to infuse for atleast 3-4 weeks - you are then welcomed to rebook another consultation and henna designs with me.

Please seek GP advice, if you have any allergies. Organic Henna is is safe otherwise, due to its organic components and essential oils.

Organic henna is made in-house, a choice of glitter and rhinestones can be added as optional to have these applied during your henna appointment.

Designs of inspirations can be exchanged when you contact me and also it is purely your choice what henna design or henna temporary tattoo you wish to choose to be applied freestyled by a henna cone and a hired henna artist.

Thank you for getting this far in reading -

I presume you may find some spelling mistakes and if you do - please let me know if you want or make sense of what i am trying to express in a live capacity -the world wide web :D by contacting me or leaving a comment below - however, you wish to do so - entirely your choice.

I do - Really appreciate if you have read this far - book your henna appointment with me - lets connect and collaborate if you are a business or even a client who wants a henna design or even if you like to toggle along with family or friends.

I genuinley could not care less of your background i find we are equal human beings and Nkaay Henna Beauty Henna services allows you to shape your life how

you want.

Refer a friend to be eligible for further discount at your next appointment- #Contactus for more info.

Thank you :)...

Please leave any comments or share and follow us on social platforms - if you think i have mentioned anything at any given time that has offended you - this was not intentionally done, I welcome you to be part of this journey for henna and our henna artist journey through Nkaay Henna Beauty - Henna Services - Book your henna appointment today!

Kind Regards

Nkaay Henna Beauty - Henna Services

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